Condo Remodeling in Washington DC

First floor to penthouse suite: we remodel it all.

Maximize your space, rearrange the living space, or enhance the aesthetics of an outdated condo; whatever your condominium needs, Gelly Group can deliver.  Stylish and elegant updates bring your condo to life with a modern design that functions well, leaving you with a more spacious and convenient living space.  Whether you need a single room renovated or an entire condo, our team of remodeling specialists will work with you to make your living space the best it can be.

Experience counts.

Gelly Group has been remodeling homes and condos in the Washington, DC area for over thirty years.  We have experience with the complexities of condo renovations and know how to navigate remodeling in a multi-unit building.  Our team will work within the rules and regulations of your building, minimize the impact on your neighbors, and are experienced in working in spaces with limited access.

We are full service from dream to reality.

Beginning with the initial free consultation, our team works with you to bring your dream to life.  We use client input when creating the initial design blueprints, use the best materials for practical and cosmetic changes, and install everything with the skilled hands of our specialists.  Our team is able to provide:

Free consultation, contact us today!

We offer a free consultation on your home remodeling and cabinetry projects.  Call (202) 641-6768 to speak with a staff member or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.