5 Bathroom Updates to get Excited About

1.  Stand Alone Soakers

Unique and beautiful bathtubs have gained popularity and accessibility in recent years adding elements of sophistication and modern design to bathrooms.  Materials have evolved to include cast iron, enamel, acrylic, fiberglass, composite, cultured solid-surface, specialty wood, and glass.  With so many material choices, finding a bathtub that matches your personality and aesthetic has never been easier.   Modern soaking tubs paired with an elegant fixture leave impressions on guests, boost your home’s value and offer a relaxing place to soak away the day.

2.  Perfect Patterns

Patterns are a growing trend in bathroom remodeling and can be spread over a large area such as a floor or wall space, or included as an accent to add a focal point such as a backsplash or patterned mirror.  Playful or colorful patterns bring a touch of whimsy and excitement to a guest bathroom.  Large linear and geometric patterns give a sense of elegance and refinement to a master bath.  Patterns send a message and what that message conveys is up to you.

3.  Bright, Bold and Beautiful

High contrast bathrooms with clean lines create a striking environment for guest and master bathrooms.  Dark walls paired with light, granite countertops make a bold statement and the reverse: light walls with dark soapstone countertops create a feeling of brightness anchored by the dark features.  Trends are moving toward colors beyond a grayscale palette and into bold greens, blues, and dark wood tones.  Create a bathroom with a classic, beautiful look while adding personality with a striking color that suits your personality.

4.  Memorable Metals

Think beyond silver shades and stainless steel and begin to visualize your bathroom fixtures in a shiny copper, a brilliant brass, or a dark cast iron.  Bathroom fixtures have become a work of art and adding updated fixtures in a memorable metal brings a new flair to match a newly remodeled bathroom.  Shower fixtures, sink faucets, cabinet and drawer pull and decorative towel bars using a classic metal in a new way is a sure way to have your bathroom style kicked up a notch.  Give your bathroom a larger, bold metal statement by using riveted copper sheeting for an awe-inspiring design element.

5.  Trending Technology

Technological advances are heading into the bathroom and providing amenities and conveniences we once only dreamed of.  Televisions can be mounted by your soaking tub so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment while unwinding.  Wall mount a gas fireplace inside your bathroom for added beauty, coziness, and warmth.  Control a wealth of shower features through a touch screen control panel within your shower wall.  Toilets can be equipped with motion sensors to raise and lower the lid, seat warmers, and even self-cleaning toilets are options you can include in your bathroom redesign.  Dream big on your bathroom remodel and bring your bathroom into the future.

Ready to Relax in Your Redesigned Bathroom?

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